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ahm really not sure if this count as a complaint or if this is a compliment.

A month and a half ago, I receivd a call from people sayin' ah got approved for a payday loan and ah was more than happy to accept it since ah rily needed the money at that time, but the next thing ah know a charged for $124.95 refelcted on mah bank account without any of mah permision. ah was really mad at first ocz the loan ah got wasnt enuf for all mah expenses and now ah have this membership that ah dont even know starts to bill me for sumting ah dont need. mah bank told me to call the people hu charged me and they were nice enuf to cancel it for me.

ah tired to get mah money back but they said it was a valid charged since they have mah signature on thier file which is sumting ah cant remember. then ah rememberd this third party benefit that was included on the loan that ah got and that's how it got all clear up. ah politely ask for a refund coz ah really needed it nad they were more than happy to give it back after 5 days.

ah guess ahm just overwhelmed ryt now that ah got the money back coz ahve been readin all this complaints on how they dint receive their money on time. ah suggest u call their customer support group. they been very helpful.

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